Saint Ananda

There is hope only

half way up the rise

Wickedly rugged at times

faith in the eventuality of smooth

Other paths unchosen seem to veer

in undesirable directions

from this vantagepoint

Cresting the peak





for my chosen path has led to

betterment than the divergent


Thorny brush to the left

Craggy drop off to the east

There is hope only

until the top is crested

Red breasted

robin cries

nearly in flight

There is hope only

until I can see

from the top

how the wayward

of all paths forsaken

Meet my feet



all that diverge


Destined unity.

Saint Ananda is an American Expat residing in Norwich with the love of her life. She wrote her first poem at age 6 and has degrees from California in Science and Language Arts. She is a globetrotting, hippie-hearted, Reiki Master, and Eagle Knight warrior whose life ambition is to awaken others to the poetry of their forsaken wild spirit.  Saint is now an impassioned actor and writer for the critically acclaimed Total Ensemble Theatre Company that opened the Norfolk and Norwich Festival in 2017.

Featured Image: Welsh Hills © Jayt74

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