Two Poems by Tumi Mary

Ocean Waters

She is present tomorrow

A place we are yet to meet,

Merely an illusion we borrow

Today is constantly on repeat.

We come alive in the past and present

Encountering joy in the beauty of now

Freedom in the acceptance of what went

And hope in the longing of a future vow

After living to make peace

Years to come, hers seems to increase

Through multiple streams

Hydrating malnourished dreams

So the future can sing and scream

Tomorrows secrets are unknown

Bursting at the seams

But they hum a melodious tone

Sketching a utopian dream

These waves,

The tides, and running pools,

They are tomorrow.

We die and give life

They stay and sing

Of futures to come.

The Eyes of God

When I looked into

The eyes of the Almighty

I saw a well overflowing

Of secrets called tomorrow.

I gazed upon a glory unknown

In the eyes of the Omniscient,

A glory so bright, my unbelieving

Heart bowed down

A glory of contagious light

I was filled with hope,

As it beseeched me to hang on.

Beholding those eyes

I was transfixed

Fixed on a future that already

Knew me intimately

Knew of what I did

All I was to become

How I would sin

And the moments I would repent

The dreams I would choose

And those I would set free.

When I looked into

The eyes of the Almighty

I saw, not orbs,

But sun rays, flaming fire,

A magnificent moon, whispering waves,

Trees touching the firmament, shining

Stars, the colour of love,

The meaning of life, the purpose

Of forgiveness.

Every life, we build a house

On Future Avenue,

Unbeknownst to us

Whether we will move in,

Or not.

Known to the omniscient

whether we will move in,

Or not.

Tumi Mary is an English and Creative Writing student at the university of Surrey. She is also a content writer for Proud To Be Me Charity. She enjoys spending time writing poetry and listening to Bethel Music. She strongly believes in the power of words and when put together, they can echo the heart. Which is what her poetry is: the voice of the heart.

Featured image: Sunbeams © GrahamAndDairne

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