Fishing for Schools


Plath; Hughes, Heaney…

what do they teach?

If we’re schooled… comprehensive,

not comprehensively,

gutters, dustcarts,

do we fail,

are we scrapped,

unable to relate?


The grammar boys/girls,

clever/smart kids,

range rovers and volvos,

gymkhana and foreign holidays,

pretty little ballerinas,

rugger and Reuters,

they know the answers,

we (in-comprehensively)



We get limericks

Eff and cee words,

the French for vagina

German for penis

then try to rhyme them.

Shame for the poor kids

– that gulf –

might as well be as far as Mars.


The desert between,

sinking sand,

swallowing dreams,

summer storms,

blasting grit between the teeth,

blighting growth,

the gulf widens with every grain,

fish swim,

just in opposite directions.





wake with words

sleep with verbs


to sentences

verdant verbiage


subtle synonym

sinuous, velvet


coarsely comparative

innately intuitive


these fundamentals

steaming fissures


magmatic eruptions

flow, pull, inspire.



Broc Silva is a country-born Hampshire child. ‘Home’ is the Isle of Wight. Poorly educated, yet catching up. Poor sight, terrible hair, and with chips on both shoulders, he contends with the voice: that black shroud that’s constantly nagging. He fights back with words; prose, poetry and short stories.


Featured photo: ‘SJSA Grade Six – The Year I Rebelled‘ © Michael 1952

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